Incorporate FX Specialists and FX Sales

Investments with a reliable partner

FX Incubation is a business unit of ACT Currency Partner which aims to give FX professionals the possibility to run a hedge fund or strategy by offering excellent infrastructure and strong legal framework for growth and development based on a true entrepreneurial partnership.

The partnership is based on sharing of risk and reward in a balanced way.

FX Incubation is looking for FX specialists and FX Sales, who:

  • would like to run their own hedge fund
  • have innovative trading strategies
  • need an excellent infrastructure and legal framework in order to succeed with their trading strategies.

The FX Incubation model enables you:

  • to raise your assets faster (3 to 5 times)
  • to focus on your core business and Alpha generation
  • to keep your success ratio at a high level

based on the strength of:

  • 24 years of ACT history
  • prime broker and up to 25 executive banks (platforms)
  • risk management (separate function)
  • back-up assistance
  • legal framework.

History Hedge Fund Incubation


ACT Emerging Markets; Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Emerging Markets fundamental/systematic

Daily Dynamics; Forex Trader Hedge Fund; German Bank 

Daily Dynamics; Forex Proprietary Trader; Julius Baer, New York

ACT PAM FX; Hedge Fund Manager; Deutsche Bank

Your contact

Felix Adam – Founder

Felix Adam, CEO

For any questions, please contact 
me under +41 (0)43 499 06 45 
or email