Investment Philosophy

«Risk Management is key for steady performance»

Risk Management:

  • is key to achieve risk-adjusted alpha targets
  • applys strict regulations to every trade (stop-loss / position limits / P&L limits)
  • minimizes set-up, execution and credit risk

 Investment Risk Management

 Operational Riskmanagement

  • Daily/monthly/yearly loss limits
  • Position limit for every trade
  • Stop-loss for every position
  • Risk manager has live monitoring facility for all positions
  • Risk management supervises all trading inputs and external trade matching systems
  • Cross checks between CIO and CRO
  • Counterparty limits (credit risk)

Investment Process:

  • measures market sentiment – behavioural finance
  • analyzes/qualifies external research and set-up discretionary trading ideas
  • pursues separate execution plans for all implemented trading ideas
  • opportunistic, structured and transparent

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