9/13/16 Article by Felix Adam in Denaris

Felix Adam, CEO of ACT Currency Partner AG, writes for Denaris about currencies, which he sees as undervalued asset class. You can find the edition 04/2016 with the article on page 31 & 32 here.

8/17/16 Cash quotes expert opinion of Felix Adam on the Swiss franc

You can find the expert opinion on the euro-franc exchange rate and the cash article here.

8/17/16 Reuters quotes expert opinion of ACT on the Swiss National Bank

You can find the opinion of Felix Adam on the growing stock of the SNB and the cash article here.

6/24/16 Cash quotes expert opinion of ACT on the Brexit

You can find the expert opinion and cash article here.

2/6/16 Interview with Felix Adam about the Brexit and its possible impact on the Swiss franc

Brexit and its possible impact on the Swiss franc.

Interview with Felix Adam, CEO, ACT Currency Partner AG, Zürich.



Mr. Adam, many market observers and UK hedge funds believe that a Brexit would cause a significant depreciation of the GBP. Do you share that opinion?


Felix Adam:

No, quite the contrary. We think a Brexit would strengthen the GBP. After initial volatilities, we anticipate a firming from about 1.36 today to 1.40 or even 1.45.



What are the assumptions behind this projection?


Felix Adam:

Under the current circumstances, the EU is to weak to impose any massive sanctions on England. Both parties need an open economic space. England would have better cards in negotiations, because the EU needs England.



But aren't many London-based banks in danger of being massively handicapped outside the EU?


Felix Adam:

Nothing moves faster than money. There will be solutions, and Switzerland can even offer England a few pointers on conducting bilateral negotiations. Quite simply: England is too important for Europe, so talks will very quickly be successful.



So what would a Brexit mean for the euro and the Swiss franc?


Felix Adam:

Brexit would be a catastrophe for the EU. I could well imagine that other EU nations might start thinking about an exit as well. Not least Germany itself. My fear for Swiss exporters is that a Brexit could result in EUR/CHF parity again.



What should I do with my British pounds and euros?


Felix Adam:

We recommend that our clients keep their British pounds. The pound has already weakened considerably so far. Its chances of firming are good, whether a Brexit materializes or not. From the Swiss perspective, we recommend hedging US dollar proceeds at a rate of 1.00. In the course of the year, we expect USD/CHF to settle at 0.90.  We advise an ongoing hedge of euro proceeds because we think that the franc will strengthen in direction of parity, i.e. we assume EURCHF 1.00.



Thank you for your assessments, Mr. Adam.

2/16/16 Reuters quotes expert opinion of ACT on Swiss franc comeback

You can find the expert opinion and Reuters article here.

1/25/16 ACT welcomes new board members and is ideally positioned for MiFID II

2016 is going to be a pivotal year for the entire forex industry: The introduction of "best execution" pursuant to MiFID II starting in 2017 imposes considerable requirements on all participants, particularly in the domains of compliance and organization. ACT Currency Partner AG recognized this paradigm change early on and has taken the following steps:

  • FINMA authorization as asset manager for collective investment schemes
  • Reinforcement of the Board of Directors
  • Multibank plattform
  • Ongoing refinement of the existing business strategy

Complete article here.

1/21/15 De-pegging of the EURCHF by the SNB

ACT holds and held no short CHF positions in any of its strategies.
In November 2014 ACT decided not to take any positions in favor of the 1.20 peg holding (i.e.: no naked long and no short put position in EURCHF)

ACT Currency changed all possible underlying base currencies into CHF in July 2014 to avoid the risk of the 1.20 floor not holding up.


SNB and EURCHF in the near and longer future:

What are the facts?

- Nobody knows where EURCHF decline will stop on the downside

- The market players do not trust SNB anymore

- A large part of the EURCHF long positions might still be around in the market

- In the longer term the impact of negative interest rates will support the EURCHF (not in the short term)

- The Loss of SHORT CHF position of the SNB will hurt the CHF (longer term)



- CHF based customers: review your hedging strategies for long foreign currencies (consider partial unwinding of hedges)

- Be careful with leveraged investments into foreign currencies because of the unwinding of long EURCHF could take weeks or months.

- SNB will try to improve their image with intelligent actions (interest rates and interventions).

5/9/14 Fresh from the lab

  • Review of currency solutions performance – thumbs up!
  • Scottish independence ? An event to watch – Go long a 1 month Volatility Swap (OTC or Note)
  • Best of both worlds – equity and currency “cashed in” – 11% annual coupon in CHF

For full details please have a look at the slides.

7/8/14 Fresh from the lab

  • Review of currency solutions performance -thumbs up!
  • Positive on India - Benefit from a stable or slightly strengthening Rupee versus USD
  • Invest in selected African countries - participate in a growth story with partial capital protection

For more details, check our PDF slide show

11/22/13 ACT hires UBS’s Meyer to run structured products venture

ACT has hired Andre Meyer, formerly head of FX solutions for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at UBS in London, to lead the structured products business.

Complete article here.

5/8/13 ACT adds platform for high-net-worth clients

FX-Week. ACT Currency Partner, a Zurich-based currency manager, has made two new hires from Citi and is seeking to ease the frustrations of high-net-worth individuals investing in foreign exchange by offering a multi-bank execution platform that it says will increase pricing efficiency and transparency.


Complete article here

1/8/13 ACT launches a new Website

This August 2013, ACT Currency Partner launches its newly designed website. The new ACT Website is consistent with the further development of our activities in Internet in recent years.   

The new features of the ACT website:

- The new website is characterized by a sophisticated design, which is also tailored to mobile devices;

- Better availability of information for visitors on an optimized, more structured and clearly designed homepage;

- The website has been built on a completely new technical set-up. Through the change to a more efficient content management system, the base for continuous improvement and expansion of internet activities in the next few years has been built.

We look forward to your visit.

1/8/13 ACT adds platform for high-net-worth clients

ACT Currency Partner, a Zurichbased currency manager, has made two new hires from Citi and is seeking to ease the frustrations of high-net-worth individuals investing in foreign exchange by offering a multi-bank execution platform that it says will increase pricing efficiency and transparency.

Complete Article here.

4/19/13 Das Millionengeschäft mit den Nachkommastellen

Intransparenz: Bei Fremdwährungsanlagen kommen Pensionskassen wegen fehlender Kontrolle schlecht weg

Complete Article in German here.

1/6/12 Expansion into precious metals, FINMA certification and Andreas Benz as a new executive board member.

A Successful 20 years of history is a valuable asset of ACT Currency Partner. ACT continues to grow, expanding into emerging markets, precious metals and exotic currencies, applying for FINMA certification and welcoming Andreas Benz as a new executive board member.

Complete Article here.

1/2/12 ACT Currency Partner in 20 years: From single currency manager to global macro specialist.

In 2011, the ACT Alpha Fund advanced by 22%.

In the course of 20 years in currency management, ACT has earned the trust of professional clients such as ABB, Pirelli, Den Norske Bank, and a number of other well-known companies. The focus at ACT is and has always been to minimize and control the downside risk in all scenarios with the aim of generating added value for discerning clients. ACT has succeeded in implementing complementary business models without compromising the focus on alpha.

Complete Article here.

1/6/11 ACT is offering a 1st class currency advisory service for trading oriented clients

For 20 years ACT Currency Partner AG has been serving top institutional clients. Today the currency hedge fund professional can offer multibank research combined with SAXO Bank execution platform for trading oriented clients.

Complete Article here.

1/3/11 6% Performance in less than 3 months

ACT Currency Partners started well into 2011.

The well-established ACT PAMFX, a short-term discretionary currency strategy achieved year-to-date profits over 6% (net excess). Because of the successful track record ACT PAMFX was able to raise USD 30mln new assets from well-known institutional clients in 2010. The manager Jürgen Büscher believes that PAMFX is the perfect strategy to perform in the unpredictable currency market with his short-term opportunistic investment process.

Complete Article here.

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